How to withdraw candies to your MDS Wallet ?

Many friends asked how to withdraw the candies on candy site:

First of all, you should install a MDS Wallet on your mobile phone:

  1. Open the MDS Wallet, click Me on the bottom right comer.

  1. Select Candies

  1. Enter the email address you signed up on candy site. (Note: if you want to withdraw the candies on candy site, please enter the same email address as the one you signed up by on candy site.) Then press Login on top right corner.

  1. Enter the verification code sent to your email. If you do not receive the email, please also check your spam box, sometimes it may go to there.

5.Find the green card or yellow card and press Get Candy.

  1. Select a wallet you want to withdraw the candies to.

  1. Done!! When the withdrawal is verified, your reward candies will be in your wallet.

The verification process may take few business days, please wait patiently. Thank you for your understanding and support!

Install MDS Wallet:

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