Frequently asked questions about MDS Wallet

Are the imported token stored by MediShares?

No, MDS Wallet is a decentralized wallet which means the imported tokens are stored in user’s own wallet and MediShares will not save any information of user’s keystore.

Does MDS Wallet supports the wallet imported from other Wallet like Imtoken?

Sure! However, only the wallets created on MDS Wallet could join the Crypto Protect Contract as we can’t guarantee the security issue of other wallets.

What if I can’t find my Token?

MDS wallet is working on adding more and more tokens. If you can’t find your token, please feel free to contact us and tell us the tokens you need via Thanks for your support and understanding!

How to solve the problem of “Untrusted Enterprise Developer Error “on IPhone?

Please read the tutorial below: English:

How long does it take to process the candy?

Since there were so many users participated the candy activity, we are trying our best to process the verification as soom as possible. Please wait patiently and thanks for your understanding!

Can’t receive the verification code in email box.

Please also check the trash box or spam box, sometimes the verification code may go to there.

Why the transation still in "Waiting for blockchain confirm"

When the ethereum blockchain has large pending transactions in the queue, it takes long time for low gas fee transactions to get confirmed on the blockchain. It need to wait the pending number reduce and time is undetermined. Please wait and do not make double transfer. You can raise your gas fee in such situation. The ethereum pending transactions queue can be found here (large than 10000 means the network is slow):